Find your own beautiful voice! Join Women’s Choir Particolare

Do you like to sing? Make “More Singing” Your New Year’s Resolution!

Are you also interested in finding YOUR beautiful voice (and do you know that everybody can learn how to sing, no matter what age)?

Join our Women’s Choir Particolare and discover your own beautiful (singing/speaking) voice.

An amazing journey, because YOU ARE YOUR VOICE.
We are all born with our own unique voice. Our basic skill of expressing ourselves. Children already start to sing before they can even talk. Singing releases endorphins; with singing we raise our energy system towards an higher level and that makes us feel happy and fulfilled; a boost for our immune system as well.


Vocal-Speakers Coach Ellen Kooimans will teach you several important skills/techniques to raise your confidence and sing/speak with a free empowered voice. We will sing together as a choir but there is also space for an individual approach. We sing different repertoire.

When: Monday’s from 8 to 9 PM

Come and join us for a free trial session in room 2 on the second floor!



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